Sunday, February 28, 2016

Brendan Calls a Scam, "A Scam"

We have worked tirelessly to illustrate the connections between and alleged serial scam artist Mark Adamczyk. Our sincerest thanks goes out to Carla Chase, the Avery-Dassey Family spokesperson, for providing the requested message confirming the deception.

Brendan himself put it simply in his most recent letter to supporters: 

"StevenAvery.Org and BrendanDassey.Org are scam - not family..."

If you've been taken advantage of by this scam artist, we recommend you follow the Attorney General's directions for reporting him here

We will add more information to this post exposing the extent of the deception perpetrated by the site operator shortly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rip Offs, Harassment and Threats, Oh My!

Although we've been quiet on the blog front, the Gert Team has continued to monitor and document Mark's activities, We have also reached out and assisted rip off victims, communicated updates via social media and reported him to authorities, including but not limited to law enforcement. We are cooperating with the various agencies and organizations by providing detailed documentation and witnesses. Lastly, we have also dealt with his ongoing harassment and threats of team members and Gert supporters.

Posted with Desiree's Permission
Most recently, Mark went on a late night rampage of identity theft and harassment where he stole pictures and mimicked screen names of two Gert supporters - Desiree and Ellie. After creating fake twitter accounts, he posted lies and threats via those accounts with links to his website featuring harassment pages of both people. To the left you'll see the fake twitter account and below is the harassment page on
Click to Enlarge

The assault stopped abruptly after we released a few choice email snippets from his own customers calling him a fraud. These were customers of his other business enterprises (AllStarWeekend ticket sales) who advised him that his own payment processor was calling him a fraud.

Not only did he stop the assault, he took down his own twitter account and removed the pages from his website.
Excerpt #1

You might wonder why he suddenly backed off. The answer is simple. He recognized that they were actual excerpts from emails sent to him. And, that meant that we likely had much more information about him and his nefarious "business" activities.

Excerpt #2
He was right. We do.

Excerpt #3
We are using that information to either make him go away or put him away.

Speaking of putting him away. It turns out that Mark is overfond of the County's "Public Accommodations." He has returned three times in the past year as a "guest of the county."
What a pillar of society, right?

We will continue to bring you more information through this blog and via @GertHobin on Twitter; Please follow and retweet information to get the word out. You can also help by reporting crimes and reaching out to those who have already been victimized to send them our way.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Mark-of-Many-Emails" Threatens and Insults Avery-Dassey Family and Supporters but Wants Your Donations

In the ongoing saga of "Mark-of-Many-Emails," we will share with you some of the less than polite things Mark Adamczyk had to say to anyone who questioned him about the legitimacy of We will show his flagrant character assassinations of people who advised him that his site was not approved by the family.  We'll also show you how he actively solicited personal information about these people from his followers in order to threaten and harass them under the guise of being attacked - under the guise of being a victim.

Court Case tying Mark's Co - Click to Enlarge
Why would we do that? Because it shows the duplicity and character of this man who would have us all believe that he is but a simple webmaster for an established Not-for-profit organized to help Steven Avery and Bendan Dassey.

Yet, his writings show his disdain for the Avery and Dassey families. Our documentation also shows that he has been operating independently through many of his own companies - some of which have been accused of similar questionable activities by his customers.

Briefly, let's cover a little background to help unravel the many emails associated with Mark Adamczyk.

Click to Enlarge - transfer to Mark's Acct.
In previous posts, we tied Mark and his unverified "Not-for-profit" organization to IDriveOrlando. He also operates MyDomainHoldings, LLC.

The Whois Record shows that he transferred to his own business account, MyDomainHoldings. We have also discovered that Mark established a corporation that is seeking official not-for-profit status, but has not been approved by the IRS. However, it's not the one you might expect. This corporation goes by the name of Orlando Tickets Organization Co. You will learn more about that in an upcoming post.

So, watch for these email addresses. You'll see that he accepts donations, threatens and posts via accounts associated with, MyDomainHoldings and IDrive.

Now let's take a look at how Mark operates.
Click to Enlarge and Read Mark's Threats
We blocked their faces - Click to Enlarge

Our first example shows Mark's response to a legitimate inquiry about Trevor, an Avery-Dassey Family supporter, requested documentation to verify its charitable status. Trevor then followed up with the family to discover that they did not authorize the site. Trevor reached back out to Mark requesting that he either provide proof of the organization's legitimacy or that he take the site down.

Rather than provide any proof, Mark harassed Trevor, posted his picture on the website and went so far as to threaten to publish false rape charges. Mark included a personal photo of Trevor and his girlfriend in one email to Trevor to show that he would hunt him down.

According to Mark Daniel Adamczyk  it would be "Fun for me - sucks for you." 


Ellie wanted to help the Avery-Dassey Family in their search for Justice. Ellie became suspicious of site when she couldn't find any verifiable information about the organization. She began to research it. Lacking any satisfactory answers, she made a very small donation to see what would happen. If it turned out to be legitimate, then she could donate more.

Instead of her donation going to a non-profit organization, her money went to All Star Toronto - a ticket sales organization that is associated with Mark Adamczyk. She received a donation acknowledgement email from Mark's personal business organization MyDomainHoldings.

Ellie contacted Mark about the charge and an email flame war ensued. In these email exchanges, Mark insulted the Avery-Dassey Family and Ellie by saying, "Helping Carla and others LOL they probably gonna go out and buy some cigs and pabst with donations. You are so stupid."

In a separate email he berated her with this nugget, "LOL you are not even in America loser."

Mark then went on to send out a request via the website to his followers asking them to help track her down. In the meantime, Ellie contacted the Better Business Bureau to report Mark. Judy Peppers of the BBB conducted research on and advised that, "We are not able to find that it is attached to any sort of nonprofit or charity so there is no accountability for the money." She then invited Ellie to speak with an investigative reporter and to report this to Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi. Ellie followed through with both.

Todd Ulrich of WFTV conducted an investigative report that reaffirmed that the Not-for-profit organization did not exist and that donations were going into Mark's personal Paypal account. That report also included a Skype interview with Ellie, who despite having seen Mark's viscous vindictiveness in action, bravely went on camera to put a face and name with the allegations.

Mark responded by calling her a crazy lady. But, he has yet to provide a single shred of evidence that he is operating or working for a legitimate Non-profit organization.


Click to Enlarge
When first appeared, the site operator claimed to be in Wisconsin and to support the Avery Family.

Shortly after its appearance, the Avery-Dassey Family were made aware of the site and its claims. They immediately reached out to Mark advising him that the site was not authorized by Steven or Brendan. They asked that he refrain from promoting it and to take the site down. 

"I" Mark? Thought it wasn't your site.

First, Mark insulted the family then largely ignored their request. The family was soon inundated with questions by confused supporters. They were confused by the site's domain name that he used without permission. They were confused by the site's added assertion that it was the OFFICIAL WEBSITE! Many supporters had donated believing that they were assisting Steven Avery, Bendan Dassey and the Family.

The family had no choice but to assertively advise people that the site had nothing to do with them. They and their supporters took to social media to end the confusion.

Mark responded with a campaign focused on discrediting the family's Official Spokesperson and other family members who dared to speak out.

He posted on reddit. He posted via various Twitter accounts. He posted on Instagram to a massive audience of thousands. He dedicated whole pages on his own "Official Website" that were all designed to diminish family members.

He was smearing the family members who lived through this ordeal for all of these years and who were now having to deal with the onslaught of media attention and supporters.

We have more examples of his attacks, but believe these are enough to draw a picture of who Mark Daniel Adamczyk truly is. Or, we should say, we let Mark draw us the picture of who he is with his own words and actions. 

Click Here For More Rip Off Reports on Mark
Is this just a case of him being overzealous in defending a project he holds near and dear to his heart? That is highly doubtful considering he has been accused long before of these very same behaviors. Did you not know that he's been called out in the past for harassment, extortion and more? To the right we offer just one example from three years ago. Click the link for a more comprehensive list.

Mark may think it's fun, but the people he exploits do not.

As you read this and consider what is presented, ask yourself these questions that arise from the behaviors that have been illustrated here:


1. Would a legitimate Not-for-profit refuse to provide any sort of documentation showing their legitimacy?

2. What legitimate Not-for-profit organization is permitted to hide its organizers and officers?

3. If Mark is only the webmaster, as he claims, why is he taking these inquiries so personally?

4. If Mark is only the webmaster, as he claims, why is he processing donations through his personal and business accounts?

5. What legitimate Not-for-profit organization would communicate with anyone, let alone prospective donors, that way?

6. What legitimate Not-for-profit would permit their webmaster to make threats and engage in a potentially felonious criminal extortion activity?

7. What legitimate Not-for-profit would publish harassing posts, complete with photos and calls to action by their supporters to pursue, stalk, and threaten lawsuits for simply trying to verify their legitimacy?

8. What legitimate Not-for-profit would insult the very people they claimed to be supporting?

9. Are leopards known to change their spots?

As a post script, we'd like to address a question that someone asked about this site. They wondered how the authors are profiting from the work we are doing. The simple answer is that we aren't. We run no ads. We receive no payments. In short, we receive nothing except the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping a family that has been put through enough. If the family would like to run their ads here, they are welcome to do so and keep ALL OF THE PROCEEDS.

We are doing this for them and we are doing this for you, dear reader. Benjamin Franklin said it best.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

You Don't Have to be a Victim

Click to Enlarge
So, you've donated to the website and discovered that it is not a legitimate Not-for-profit organization. Maybe you've been harassed or bullied by Mark and you strongly suspect he's a serial con artist. Naturally, you want to do something.

Now you are probably wondering, "What can I do? What should I do?"

Luckily for you, that's just what the Deputy Director of Citizen Services of the Florida Attorney General wants you to know!

Check out her email to us for instructions on what to do. If you know any other victims, direct them to this blog for details. 

Even if you have not been directly victimized, you can still file a report with the Internet Crime Center at

Click to Enlarge

Check back soon for details on what Mark says when he thinks no one is looking. See what he says to people who disagree with him. See how he threatened and intimated others. 

If he did that to you, know that you are not alone. People are speaking up. People are stepping up.

People are refusing to be his victim.

Whether you've simply donated to Mark or become a victim of his intimidation, let us hear your story and help prevent others from becoming victims as well. 

Fill out our online form here, 

If You Donated or Want Help, Click Here For Victim Assistance

Join us @GertHobin on Twitter

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Whose Site is it Anyway?

We left off last time with the Action 9 News Investigation where Holly Salmons of the Better Business Bureau said this about

"We are not able to find that it is attached to any sort of nonprofit or charity so there is
 no accountability for the money.

Dean Strang, the original lead attorney for Steven Avery, also advised Todd Ulrich, Channel 9's investigative reporter, that he thinks the site is illegitimate.

Registered by Mark Danial on 12-20-15
Mark Adamczyk asserted via email to Action 9 News that his company only built and administered the website for someone else. He also stated that he did nothing wrong. However, he would not disclose who he built and administered the website for.

We think the evidence will prove otherwise. Read on to see what evidence contradicts his assertions.

Naturally, we have questions. We also have some answers. Today's topic is:

Whose Site is it Anyway?

QUESTION: Who registered the website?

ANSWER: Mark Daniel Adamczyk a/k/a Mark Daniels /a/k/a Mark Daniel a/k/a Mark Danial of Orlando, FL

Mark registered the domain on December 20, 2015 under the name of Mark Danial then changed the registration to Mark Adamczyk on December 29, 2015.

Registration Changes to Mark Adamczyk on 12-29-15

QUESTION: Isn't that registered personally and not to a Not-for-profit Organization?

ANSWER: Correct. No organization of any kind is named on the registration, let alone a Not-for-profit organization. The email address is changed on December 29th from a personal email address associated with Mark and supposedly his father to one associated with Mark's other squatted domains available for sale.

As of this writing, we have not been able to confirm the existence of a Not-for-profit organization supporting the website. Yes, we have seen the modified document showing an EIN for a newly formed for profit business. That document appears to have been altered and is therefore suspect. It's important to re-emphasize that an EIN number is NOT evidence of a recognized 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization. See our previous posts for more details about that.

QUESTION: If the website isn't Mark's, as he claims, then whose site is it?

ANSWER: That question has been asked repeatedly and the best answer we have gotten is that apparently belongs to "We."

We are in Wisconsin...

Click to Enlarge
In an email to a potential donor, Mark states that he built the site. He goes on to say that his entire family is in Wisconsin, live near the Averys and purportedly know them. The family has denied any association. 

Finally, he shares his personal outrage at how the family was treated. We'll see more about how he truly feels about the family in later articles.

What he never does is actually answer the question. Who is running the site?  

(Pay attention to the email address - mark@idrive...)

There were a couple of particularly disturbing and angry responses on a reddit thread where the poster, idriveorlando, claimed to be Mark's uncle who is located in Milwaukee, WI. Or, is that New Berlin,WI? We aren't sure which since he changes his mind and location from one sentence to the next. These are responses to people questioning the legitimacy of the website

Click to Enlarge
Let's consider that. The reddit poster established an account on December 23, 2015 and selected the screen name idriveorlando to respond to a thread about Remember the idrive name from the email address that Mark sent?  Are we to believe that the reddit poster is actually in Wisconsin and not Orlando?

But, wait. There's more from idriveorlando! Here, we have an assertion that there is a Not-for-profit company. Then there is a threat to falsely accuse the person who questioned the legitimacy of the non-existent Not-for-profit. And then, idriveorlando brags about his expertise in SEO.

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

The block covers a pic of  Trevor & g/f sent by Mark. Creepy much?
And, he reiterates his point to the person who questioned the organization with a follow up email. Or, is that follow up blackmail?

Except this email isn't from "Uncle from WI". It is from Mark@idrive...

Does that look like extortion to you? We'll defer to our legal friends on the penalties for extortion. But, here's a little online sunshine about the matter.

Let's take a moment to reflect. This "Uncle" from Wisconsin makes thug-threats on reddit then sends emails from his nephew's account? Really? That's what we are supposed to believe, huh?

Click to Enlarge

Call me crazy, but wouldn't it make more sense to believe that everything came from one person? Wouldn't the one person be the same person who brags about their SEO expertise? Wouldn't that one person be the name associated with idriveorlando?
Click to Enlarge

The Last Question for Today:

QUESTION: What about donations? Where did the donations go?

ANSWER: Payments were processed through a number of places. As one payment gateway was shut, he found another. But instead of telling you what we know, let's just give you one picture. They are worth a thousand words, right?

A final thought for today comes from Maya Angelou:
The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.

We believe everything that Mark has shown us.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Action 9 News Investigates - Mark Adamczyk and

Mark Daniel Adamczyk a/k/a Mark Daniels
Thank you Todd Ulrich and Action 9 News for shining a light on the activities of Mark Adamczyk and the website that he established,

Mark set up and actively solicited donations through this site, immediately following the release of Making A Murderer on Netflix. As of this writing, he has yet to provide any proof of this newly formed organization's non-profit status. that he adamantly claimed for the past month.

Mark now denies that the site is his, but we have documentation that calls that assertion into question. Stay tuned for more to come from us.

In the meantime, learn more about Todd Ulrich's investigation:

Action 9 investigates Orange County man’s charity website for Steven Avery

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Quick Change Artist

We have it on good authority that a dose of justice is coming soon to our favorite "grief non-profiteer." It truly is nice to have friends in high, low and far flung places.

We are flattered that he is following us. We know this because he has taken actions to doctor and correct his website to change its "mission or intent" and used slippery, vague language to dodge the direct questions put to him based upon the things we have actively pointed out. As quickly as we report inconsistencies, we see new updates, changes and explanations. Remarkable quick change artistry, indeed.

In the meantime, we see that he has posted a suspect IRS document with an explanation for the delay in posting it along with yet another threat to anyone who legitimately questions this "organization." Please keep in mind that this document, even if it is authentic, is NOT evidence of a legitimate 501 c 3 organization, regardless of using the word organization in the company name. There are specific documents that a legitimate non profit organization must make available, none of which have been made available for inspection when requested. See here for more information from the IRS on this matter. If the formal non-profit status has not yet been achieved, then it is incumbent upon them to disclose this to prospective donors.

If this newly formed "Steven Avery Organization" is legitimate, and we have not been able to verify the information as being authentic as of this writing, then why is the date removed from the document? The IRS does not send out undated documents. Remember, the preceding is a screen shot as of this writing. We have been keeping screen shots of everything because the information about the mission and activities published on changes frequently.

Again, we ask, "Instead of making threats, why not just provide the requested information that is REQUIRED of legitimate non profit organizations by the Internal Revenue?" Please provide your organization's determination letter from the IRS - not the EIN number only just posted, which at best shows that a for profit company has been established. The reason that the information is required is because there are so many fake, scams and money schemes operating out there. The form provides proof and some degree of confidence to the public. According to the IRS -

"...donors and organizations can rely on an organization’s determination letter from the IRS as proof of its exempt status. Donors and organizations can also confirm an organization’s exempt status by calling the IRS (toll-free) at 1-877-829-5500."

And, again, I will say that I have no issue with a profit making organization. There is nothing wrong with that. It is wrong, however, to act as a non profit and berate people who ask for proof when you have not achieved that status, no matter what your intentions.